White Venture - Coal Spaceblack Dual Pack

€29.90   €39.80

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White Venture Anchor bracelet is the first bracelet with White anchor on the market.

It represents Stability and was inspired by traveling - part of our new Venture collection. This bracelet is Timeless and it reflects your inner beauty. It is like pure white paper, ready to collect your most precious memories. 

SPACEBLACK Sailbrace – Inspired by the darkest material in the world we have created new collection. Timeless black anchor with carefully selected strings reflects our passion to continuously design perfect fashion accessories for everyone.

All bracelets are ONE-SIZE adjustable.

Handcrafted in Europe, we strive to create quality bracelets with modern minimalistic look and design that goes along with any style. Formal and casual enough they flow seamlessly into your everyday but are still a small but mighty reminder of the moments you should never forget.

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