Meet Eylem

My biggest inspiration resource is living. If you understand that living is not just existing, you see everything in a different way. You start investing in yourself - and this is so much more worth than we could ever measure in terms of materiality.

Investing in yourself means doing things you have never done before, traveling to countries you have never been to, trying out new activities, taking risks, daring to fail… and to succeed. It happens step by step - when you take life as an inspiration, life does the same with you. With every experience - no matter whether good or bad ones - you come closer to your soul. And who wouldn’t love to become an inspiration with its personality?

So start doing the things you love, try out the new and unusual, L I V E - and you’ll give the inspiration back to life you got the inspiration from.

Well, my biggest inspiration is life: the history, the present and the future. And I feel fulfilled when I can share my inspiration with the whole world.

You can follow Eylem on Instagram here.

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