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    Precious times have to be noted, but way better is the opportunity of keeping them close to you! And that's the idea of Sailbrace - Anchor your most precious moments with our bracelets! Sailbrace line of bracelets, jewelry and merchandise are not just any ornaments; they come with a story and a positive message, another good reason that inspires you every single moment. Our bracelets come with a formal and casual feel to ensure they flow seamlessly into your everyday activities but still are small but with mighty reminders of the moments you should never forget.  Each Sailbrace accessory comes in divine small case with a gift card for personal message. One size fits all.
    Established in 2015 as a startup, Sailbrace is a brainchild of a group of best friends who were out to look for hope, strength and stability through an efficient delivery of powerful and meaningful symbols that change people’s lives. With a difficult time behind us, we needed to develop something capable of conveying a meaningful and a powerful message. That is how Sailbrace was born, with a vision of empowering people going through their rough times by offering symbols of hope and an inspiration to be strong and stable. Our targets, the esteemed clients, also need to know that every time they purchase a Sailbrace product, they are also changing the lives people behind those products. Every single accessory is handcrafted in Europe and as part of our production/assembling is done by unemployed people with special needs. At Sailbrace we believe that ethical job creation is an empowering long-term solution to extreme poverty.
    With the excellent customer service expected of professional business, combined with modern techniques and expertise, Sailbrace is the perfect place for discerning customers. With its objectives of changing the lives of as many people as possible, Sailbrace has been successful in selling over 100,000 bracelets all around the world.