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    Supported by hundreds of thousand happy customers from all over the world, Sailbrace is much more than just a fashion brand - it’s an incredible community of amazing and diverse individuals, bound together by a shared desire to create a beautiful, meaningful and loving world for each and every single one of us.

    Keeping our powerful mission in mind, we strive to establish meaningful collaborations that make a difference - that is why we are thrilled to also be working with a noble Slovenian company that supports handicapped people and helps integrate them into the community. We are honored to work with such strong, kind and passionate individuals, helping them express their tremendous potential to the rest of the world.

    Handcrafted in Europe, our Sailbrace bracelets were thoughtfully designed to carry a special meaning in your life. Symbolizing an idea of strength and stability, our goal is to create high-quality bracelets with a minimalistic look and a powerful message, representing a bond with someone or something that holds you in place no matter how rough things get.

    There are special people, moments and things in our lives, we all want to anchor. We are Sailbrace.